“As part of an important annual customer event – I intended to provide a lecture about a product under my responsibility. Fleur truly helped to turn the lecture to a great success! Fleur has a talent to articulate the required information – crunching the data into clear messages, also adding great humor – assisting to make the lecture informative and interesting. I found her to be very creative assisting with “out-of-the-box” ideas making the presentation extraordinary. Bottom line – if you need to promote a message to your customers or management – don’t think twice. She has the experience and talent to assist you reach success.”

Oren Amiram Product Manager in the Recording & Unified Communication at NICE Systems 


“Brigitte has been working with Tikva for seven years and though the children of Tikva don't know who is pushing behind the scenes to ensure their growth and success, I do. She makes us look professional and put together and she is what is necessary to present Tikva to those who don't understand or know about the life saving work we are doing. She has successfully identified new foundations/donors in the UK and the US,  creates high quality donor reports, professional marketing materials and develops outstanding proposals. She spearheaded our vocational training program in Israel and created successful partnerships  that have greatly impacted the professional development of Tikva’s students”. 

Refael Kruskal, CEO Tikva



The results speak for themselves: Dafna developed a strategy and constructed messaging so precise, that the number of applicants who registered for a workshop I conducted, geared towards a very specific (challenging to reach) target audience, soared from 15 to 65 high-standard registrants in just 30 days! Dafna's skill in crafting a winning message, paved the way to realizing the goals I had set and achieving the optimal results for my company, making my workshop a big success.

Boaz Lipshitz, CPA (Isr.), Experienced Financial manager, OCS (Israeli Cheif Scientist) Expert, Founder & CEO at TriggerUs Social Technological Incubator


“Thank you, Fleur! You were incredibly helpful in helping me develop a clear message and presentation that I was able to use successfully in interviews and other settings. Watching my presentation on video and breaking it down together was vital, and the work sheets that you shared with me were extremely useful.” David Beker “Thanks again for your significant contribution and guidelines that made possible for us to win the 2013 Make It Simple Competition”

Yossi Goldschmidt, Country Manager, Adama, India



Brigitte has been identifying prospective donors for several years. She successfully identified our second largest donor to date who became a long term, multi- year donor.  Brigitte guides our internal staff in developing our fundraising infrastructure and connected us with several new international partners. Her proposal writing is extremely professional and recommendations invaluable.

Moshe Kahan, Executive Director, The Health and Community Service Center


“Fleur is very professional, committed to her job, to the client and to achieving best results. She is efficient, friendly and invests her high capacities and expertise in providing excellent coaching. It was great working with her!”

January 28, 2012 Esther Sivan Director of Bizchut


. "במהלך פיתוח פרוייקט בתחום הרפואה הרגשתי קושי לנסח את הרעיון שבבסיסו מה שהווה מחסום להתקדמות הפרוייקט. פניתי לפלר כדי שתעצב עבורי את הרעיון של הפרוייקט כמותג. פלר עשתה הרבה יותר ממה שציפיתי; במקום לבנות עבורי את המותג היא לימדה אותי איך לעשות את זה בעצמי. הכלים שנתנה לי משמשים אותי כעת בכל התקשרות עם גורמים שחשובים לפרוייקט והטיסו אותי שנות אור קדימה.

תודה פלר" ד"ר אמיר רובין




I attended a workshop by Fleur Hassan-Nahoum for self-presentation skills and elevator pitches recently. I believe she is a great presenter who can both engage and train an audience to achieve their goals. I feel the help she gave me in thinking about my personal messages and putting an elevator pitch together has been invaluable in the job interview process, and I highly recommend her work.

” November 25, 2012 Jeffrey Vincent Gvahim Participant


“Brigitte exudes enthusiasm in her efforts to help non- profits raise the funds necessary to fulfill their goals. She understands the needs and sees the big picture- translating a vision into a program of action with the right emphasis, budget structure, and descriptive wording. Through her connections, experience and knowledge, Brigitte helped AV-Israel secure a sizable three year donation from a highly reputable U.S. based foundation”.

Elaine Talel, Executive Director, AV Israel 





“Fleur has always been a top professional: when she was a colleague, when she trained me personally and when I have hired her to train other staff in my division. She knows her stuff, is a snappy presenter and really is able to engage her audience. She has developed several trainings tailored specially to our needs and every time people always give her the best feedback. I highly recommend her.”

September 19, 2012 Kylie Eisman-Lifschitz Director of Training and Education JDC, International Relations Department


Even with the most VIP guests we hosted, including heads of state and leaders of top international conglomerates and corporations, I could always count on Dafna to customize then deliver our corporate messages in the most persuasive manner, ensuring that our value and uniqueness resonated and left a lasting impression. Dafna's rare articulation skills in both Hebrew and English alongside her friendly, outgoing personality make her the dynamite public speaking professional that she is.

Oren Nauman, President & CEO, AnyClip Media Ltd.




“I had the privilege of working with Fleur as part of SifTech’s entrepreneurship program. Fleur gave 5 superb workshops on presentation skills, which were the best and most efficient sessions in the whole program. It was a pleasure to work with her as she’s amazingly talented, professional, creative and funny. I could trust her 100% and she devoted much of her time and effort, even beyond the hours of the formal sessions. I greatly recommend Fleur and I will continue working with her wherever I have a chance to.”

Inbar Ziv Co-Founder and Deputy Director of Siftech


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