Deliver it!

Research has shown that 93% of a presentation’s impact on audiences is nonverbal.

Message Experts will not only ensure that you get to effective messages but that you learn to deliver them in an engaging and impactful way that resonates with your particular audience. Training seminars are offered one on one or in group workshops. They include a wide variety of presentation skills topics, which can be modular and combined into one workshop or as stand-alone workshops and practice sessions.

What We Offer

Present like a pro! In our presentation skills workshops you will learn verbal and nonverbal tips and techniques such as body language and use of voice to upgrade your presentation style and present your talk in a confident, engaging and impactful way to any forum. These include:  investor pitches, conferences, sales kick offs, high stakes meetings, VIP visits, etc. Practice with video, playback and feedback.

Media Interviews - Media training is essential to help organizations and spokespersons learn how to manage interviews in order to get the message across. Our media training workshops focus include: developing engaging sound bites; handling nightmare questions; bridging techniques to your messages and effective use of body language, vocal tools and wardrobe. Within several sessions that include practice you will be prepared for the most trying of media interviews.

Effective Openings and Closings - An audience’s attention span is at its highest point at the very beginning and end of your presentation so your opening and your closing are prime time to engage them and ensure that your messages are heard loud and clear. In this workshop you will learn what comprises a grabbing opening and a closing that your audience will find hard to forget.

 Answering Challenging Questions – Many presentations are followed by audience questions which sometimes can prove extremely challenging. With our Q&A workshop you will learn to analyze your audience and anticipate and prepare their questions. You will learn how to answer in an effective way and bridge to the message that you want to deliver.

Panel Presentations –Panels are similar to solo presentations in that you still have to get your message through to your audience. They are different in that it is essentially a group discussion, so there's more chance your message can be diluted with points made by other speakers. It thus becomes even more important in a panel setting to clarify your goals, to be concise, to use vivid language—including sound bites—and to stay on message, as well as prepare for likely Q&As. The sessions will provide you with the skills you need to present in any panel with confidence. The session includes practice in front of a video camera with playback and feedback.

Visual Aids – whether, when, and how to optimize visual aids to make your presentation stand out. Learn how to develop the kinds of visual aids that will attract attention and create impact and upgrade your presentation. Learn the techniques required when speaking alongside PowerPoint or any other visual aid.

Presentation practice sessions with video and playback for in depth feedback and instant upgrade - Presentation Practice sessions are the best way to upgrade an individual or a team’s presentation skills almost immediately. In the course of four hours, 5-7 participants have the opportunity to present a 3-5 minute presentation and be videotaped. Participants then receive initial feedback from their peers. Feedback may range from content to delivery style, visuals (PowerPoint Slides), etc. Participants repeat the process and implement the feedback they receive - both from their peers and the trainer. They see immediate improvement on their content and personal style of delivery. For maximum and immediate impact, each participant presents at least twice.