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Message Experts’ team of professionals has decades of experience in the field of resource development.

Message Experts’ team of professionals has decades of experience in the fields of marketing and fundraising in the business and nonprofit sphere. Our expertise includes successful sales and marketing campaigns as well as engagement of investors and donors in the United States, England, Australia, and Europe. We can work with you to develop a comprehensive and effective marketing and/or fundraising strategies. Our work can come in the form of workshops for teams one on one consulting, practice sessions and a wide range of direct services etc

What We Offer

Marketing Strategy and Execution

The true test of a product or service is success in the marketplace. Too often, organizations focus on their product or technology at the expense of the customer.  We help companies find a better balance by developing and executing marketing strategy that are based on deep customer and competitive insights and the company's unique value proposition. Services include:

  •  Market strategies
  •  Marketing plans
  •  Customer segmentation
  •  Market positioning
  •  Competitive analyses
  •  Market launches
  •  Investor decks and executive summaries

Resource Development: Direct Services

Many non-profits are caught in a double bind. On the one hand they rely on philanthropic funding to keep their doors open, but on the other hand often find that the need to develop these resources takes up valuable time from actually doing the work the organization was founded to accomplish. In addition, many non-profits lack staff with the professional training and know-how to function effectively in this area, and can’t afford to hire those who do.

Message Experts will work with you to develop a comprehensive resource development strategy as well as providing some or all of the following, on an as needed basis: 

1.       Identifying Donor Prospects

2.       Writing an Effective Proposal

3.       Solicitation Skills

4.       Cultivating Donor Relationship


Get to the Ask and Get it Right: Solicitation Skills

(One-on-one training or group workshop) 

There are few opportunities to deliver an exceptional message to a potential donor. Preparing for these high stakes meetings and knowing how to solicit is key. Organizations often get to the donor and even leave a positive impression but struggle to ask for funding. Our fundraising training focuses on developing the compelling messages to get to “the Ask,” and then get it right. Our fundraising and solicitation training brings you fully prepared for those critical moments, with tools and techniques that will help you achieve positive results.


Finding the Best Fit: Identifying Donor Prospects

(One-on-one training or group workshop)

Identifying new prospects can help an organization significantly expand its current donor base. Message Experts provides training on how to effectively identify appropriate foundations and trusts whose mission, interests and geographic preferences are in line with those of your organization. We provide tangible guidelines that assist you in locating potential foundations and trusts that match your needs and present a good chance of supporting your projects. You will gain an in-depth understanding of practical research skills that will enable you to identify viable donors capable of supporting your organization. Fostering Long Term Engagement (One-on-one training or group workshop)


Cultivating Donor Relationships: Fostering Long Term Engagement

(One-on-one training or group workshop)

Building a philanthropic relationship benefitting both grant maker and grant seeker is key. Creating sustaining elements of that relationship include trust building, open communication and a focus on shared values. Message Experts provides training for face to face meetings with potential donors, how to present yourself, tips on keeping donors engaged, developing rapport building techniques, and continued communication after a grant decision, techniques to maximizing your gift, and designing and carrying out site visits and missions.


Writing an Effective Grant Proposal

(One-on-one training or group workshop)

This workshop focuses on the skills needed to write a successful grant proposal. It will cover the various elements that go into a proposal, and offer tips and training on how to write it effectively.  Workshop elements include crafting the following:

  1. Executive summary
  2. Cover letter
  3. Organizational background/expertise
  4.  Program description
  5.  Evaluation methods and plan of sustainability
  6.  Statement of need
  7.  Budgets
  8. Request