message it !

You could have the best idea in the world but if you can’t communicate it effectively – an idea is all that it will be.

Message Experts works with you in a multistage process to transform ideas into reality by crafting precise, succinct messages that best express the unique qualities and goals of your business or organization.
Message Experts will help you get to effective messages that are coherent and consistent. We provide a holistic approach that echoes throughout your internal and external communications; whether oral, written, or visual. Message Experts will work with you to craft the look and feel that is right for you and your business or organization.

What We Offer

Keeping it Simple: Oral Messaging that is Precise, Coherent and Effective
Whether in a networking opportunity, presenting at a conference, or pitching to investors, we can help you distill your complex ideas into accessible, targeted and engaging messages that best express the unique qualities and goals of your organization; working one-on-one with you and your staff to help create the perfect pitch for all your high-stakes . Engagements; one-on-one training or group workshops available.

Interviewing & Self Branding
Even very experienced presenters often find it daunting to have to present – and sell – themselves. Yet clearly delivering your value proposition may well be your most important presentation ever. With Message Experts, you’ll acquire the skills to confidently ace interviews and make a shining impression with your individually crafted self-branding messages. Practice answering key questions and watch yourself on video for immediate feedback. Improve your non-verbal language and vocal tone. Upgrade your Hebrew and English CVs. Learn practical tips and techniques to get comfortable with your personal elevator pitch for any interview or networking opportunity.

Avoiding Miscommunication
Communicating productively with other people is one of the most enriching experiences in life. However miscommunication is a common problem—either we don’t understand what others are trying to convey, or we are not able to communicate in a way that is understood by others. This is a common organizational concern as ( any two humans are bound to perceive the world differently. The difference between productive communication and miscommunication can be the difference between the seeds of conflict and the source of new ideas and solutions. Message Experts’ unique workshop, participants learn how to avoid miscommunication and make themselves understood, they learn how to lay the groundwork for productive communication and avoid the pitfalls of miscommunication that can lead to unnecessary conflict at work.

In our professional environment, we encounter many instances requiring effective negotiations. The better we are at managing every aspect of the give and take – the more likely we are to maximize our gains and achieve our goals. With Message Experts, you can learn to (read more) negotiate in person and digitally, get what you want while building relationships, negotiate to improve your employment package, and learn to leverage your natural strengths.

Writing it Right: Written Messages that Hit the Mark
Your written material is both the herald you send before you and the calling card you leave behind. As such, it needs to be as precise, coherent and effective as your oral messages. We will work with you to develop written materials that best express the unique qualities and goals of your business or organization. (We can write it for you or provide one-on-one training or group workshops so you learn how to do it yourself)

We offer our clients the full range of marketing materials services, such as:

o Brochures
o Press releases
o Website content
o Power Points & Prezis
o Social Media
o Hebrew-English-Hebrew Translation


Yes, a Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words: Visual Messaging that Works

The look and feel of your written material and presentations is as important as their content. Visual messages need to reflect and complement the message of your business or organization. Message Experts offers a comprehensive array of design services to help you craft a complete communications strategy. These include: 

  •  Creating your visual language
  •  Website design
  •  Logo design
  •  PPT/Prezi designs
  •  Developing the visual content for marketing materials (brochures, one-pagers, fliers, invitations, etc.)